Jabber-ID Email Header

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Announcing JID via email

Today I stumbled across by chance, that you can announce your Jabber ID via email header. Promoting this information without the ability to display it wouldn’t make any sense and therefore it’s also possible to display the senders JID within email header.

Needed code to make the magic happen

Following you see the config lines you need to insert into your corresponding muttrc file which enable (neo)mutt to do so:

my_hdr Jabber-ID:
unignore Jabber-ID

Needless to say that ̚ has to be replaced by your own Jabber ID.

The result

The header of an email looks like this:

Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 12:46:48 +0200
From: Frank Homburg <>
To: Frank Homburg <>
Subject: Display Jabber email headder

The original announcement of this information, as well as a list of capable email clients you can find here ̚ .

Tags: neomutt, XMPP

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